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Hosted by Levi Weinhagen, The Pratfalls Podcast features conversations with artists and creative folks of all kinds about the relationship between making cool things and being a person in the world. It features funny, insightful and weird conversations with artists and creatives of all kinds.
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Mar 29, 2016

“Here’s a piece of gum and a paperclip, make a set and make this all happen.”

Managing director at Mixed Blood Theatre, co-founder and co-artistic director of DalekoArts, actor, producer and all around artistic person Amanda White is this week's guest. Amanda takes us on a journey from her early love of singing and acting as a young girl in Iowa to her years spent making theater and art in Chicago and New York. She talks about what a person truly learns through a theater arts education, how financial restrictions can lead to amazing creative choices and everything can be a part of one's art practice.

“I think that work life balance thing is such an adorable conversation.”

Amanda also talks about the true power of the artist administrator, what a community can really get from an artist or arts organization and how an organizations internal culture impacts the culture outside the organization. She talks about being a part of big moves at Mixed Blood theater, how DalekoArts decides what to produce and who to work with and highlights how not separating any parts of one's life makes the quest for work/life balance a non-issue.

Mar 23, 2016

"No job description fits what I am."

Lindsi Gish spent many years working in the nonprofit sector. She's a self-described problem solver, digital enthusiast, Jane-of-many-trades, and extrovert who dislikes public speaking.

She's been part of the digital strategy team of a global PR firm, working on accounts such as the United States Postal Service, Red Stamp, and (a project of Twin Cities Public Television and 3M). Prior to that, she ran all-things digital & communications for Second Harvest Heartland, one of the nation’s largest food banks under the Feeding America umbrella.

Lindsi has spent the past two years building Gish & Co, where she helps nonprofits and small businesses with digital and traditional communications and marketing.

Mar 15, 2016

“I can’t remember anything pre-children.”

Katy McEwen has been working in the Twin Cities as a performer, writer, and teacher since she and her husband moved from Dayton, Ohio in 1995. She started her career as a performing apprentice and company member at Children’s Theatre Company where she continues to work as a Teaching Artist in their nationally acclaimed Neighborhood Bridges educational outreach program. In addition to being the parent of students at Circus Juventas, she’s also a CJ theater coach. Katy is the Co-Artistic Director at the Brave New Workshop Comedy Theater and has been writing, performing and teaching there since 1998.

In this episode, Katy talks about the work of writing sketch comedy, how improvisation informs the rest of her life, and where funny really comes from. She also talks about how life can feel like it’s just happened without any kind of plan. And she shares stories of trying to get her children to appreciate music from before their time.

Mar 7, 2016

“I think bands have taught me more about life and business than any other experience I’ve had.”

Don Smithmier is a self-described serial entrepreneur. He's co-founded Rumble Music, GoKart Labs, Sophia Learning, Bring Me The News, Network Music Lab, and the Big Know. Smithmier is also co-founder, songwriter, and performer with the band Rocket Club. And he's a father to three daughters.

In this conversation, Don talks about building a career around the internet without thinking of himself as a tech guy. He talks about the creative work involved in being an entrepreneur, the importance of good people over good ideas, and why he pursues the projects he pursues.

Don also talks about running multiple businesses while being a father to three daughters and how important it is to have a strong marriage in order to be able to focus on business.

Mar 1, 2016

"You'll only regret the trips you don't take."

This episode features the delightful Katharine Kelly. Katharine is a writer, A digital strategist, a traveller, a mother, a food lover, and a heck of a conversationalist. She recently became a certified travel agent, helping others see the world in countless ways and she can make the most passionate case for why slot machines are a worthwhile past time.

In this conversation, Katharine talks about growing up writing stories. She explains what travel means to her and how she dreams of building a life around going on adventures. Katharine also talks about raising twin boys who are similar but different, being married to an independent theater owner and the different kind of ways she's been a writer.